Aitor Moya Campillo

Charge: Preferential collaborative lawyer in TuLetrada.
Lawyer: 123.091 ICAM.
Speciality: Commercial Law and Criminal Law.
Phone number: 678 84 87 62
Bachelor of Law by UNED and Senior Technician. He is currently studying doctoral studies. Lawyer practicing for the Illustrious Association of Lawyers of Madrid.
He has developed his professional activity with special consideration in the field of commercial law, specializing in legal advice of companies. Above all, making particular incidence in the assistance to its administrators and directors, advising them in all their legal needs, as in operations economic activities at nationwide and providing services in creditors’ competitions.
Likewise, he has participated in transformations, liquidations, mergers, splits and company modifications. He has also been developing extensive actions in a matter that, unfortunately, affects more companies every day: the Economic Criminal Law. Assuming the technical defense, after the reform of the Penal Code of 2010 which makes the legal entities also responsible.
Besides, he has experience in crimes against the socio-economic order: fraud, unfair administration, misappropriation, punishable insolvencies, damages; crimes related to industrial and intellectual property, the market and consumers, corporate crimes, crimes of receiving and laundering of capital, crimes against the Public Treasury and Social Security, as well as crimes against workers.
Since 2017, he is a preferred collaborator of TuLetrada in Commercial and Criminal Matters, with special emphasis on everything affecting the legal traffic of companies.